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MACSA is a family with dedicated people united in a common purpose of building on the values and practices that have made us a respected, successful organization. Our areas of talent, extend from Engineering and IT to Administration. Developing our employees’ talents and supporting their interests through customized programs is a priority at MACSA.  Therefore, it makes MACSA the perfect place for your career to take off. Our careers search application enables you to search MACSA jobs easily. Come discover the perfect place to apply your skills.

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Life At Macsa

In MACSA we add value in all departments of our core responsibilities in business by improving the potential of our employees and our processes. It is our main objective that all HR policies and procedures help deliver business results.
Dedication, integrity and commitment to service is in the heart of every employee at Macsa, which provides the boost to every aspect of its existence and future plans. A core of vibrant people who have transformed their business practices to led this organization in its continuous rise. This enthusiasm provides the vigor to enable the Company to build its strong roots and to maintain its consistent growth.
The Human Resource Department in MACSA believes that developing the culture and the philosophy of gradual upward mobility is essential to keep the Human Resources in line with our business goals. We have taken every step we could to develop the traditional Human Resource Management to suit the ever changing business needs by developing both self and the Company.